Fuel injection pump - removal and replacement


1. Remove Injection Pipe/s    

2. Remove Fuel supply connection

3. Remove inlet manifold if necessary
4. Stop Solenoids: On 05 models the stop solenoid is mounted on the cylinder block to the rear of the pump. This type of solenoid acts directly on the rear of the fuel pump rack. It is necessary to remove the stop solenoid prior to removing the fuel injection pump otherwise damage will result. Some 03 engine models have a stop solenoid mounted on the front of the timing cover which again extends through the timing case onto the end of the fuel pump rack. It is necessary to also remove this type of solenoid prior to removing the fuel injection pump. Stop solenoids that are externally mounted and pull on the stop lever are normally ok to leave in place.
5. Removing the fuel injection pump: Loosen the securing nuts/bolts in a progressive manner e.g  one turn at a time as the fasteners are slackened the pump will rise out of the block but it will come to the point where the pump stops rising out. STOP...if you have the urge to prize the pump out with a couple of large screwdrivers! DON'T do this as you will most certainly cause damage. Instead, press down on the pump and move the throttle and stop levers which in turn will move the fuel pump rack bar and should result in the fuel pump springing up and out because the rack pin has lined up with the cast slot in the block top face, leaving the pump free to lift off.


Look down into the fuel pump mounting and find the governor lever. There is an obvious slot in the governor level where the fuel pump rack pin engages into (left) by moving the stop lever moves the rack lever. Place the necessary fuel pump shims in place. Move the stop until the slot in the governor lever is lined up with the slot in the block. Hold the slot in position and offer the pump in, press down on the pump and start progressively tightening down the pump. Now operate the stop and throttle lever and check that the pump rack is moving freely. At this point you are now ready to check the spill timing. Click on the spill timing button now if you need further guidance.


Fuel injection pump - 3300 series removal


1. Remove injector 

pipes and low 

pressure fuel pip


2. Remove the two retaining screws and

lift out the start/stop 



3. Prize out the 

plastic plug

4. Unhook the 

light spring


5. Remove the self-locking nut


9. Hold the rack link bar and light spring, then lift out the fuel pump from the governor casing.


6.Lightly hold the

stop lever ....


7...and lift away the 

control link

8. Undo the fuel pump 

housing nuts and 

bolts until the pump is loose.


10. Lift the fuel pump 

clear, leaving the 

shims on the governor casing.