Complete top-end gasket set for V1903 Millenium engine

Ref: TS93M

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How to determine Early and Late (Millennium) Models 


Early - The rocker cover gasket is a simple rubber band type seal that fits in a groove cast in the rocker cover. The rocker cover itself is secured with domed nuts running down the centre of the top of the rocker cover. 

Late (Millennium) - The rocker cover gasket is a moulded rubber seal. This seal fits the cast shape of the rocker cover and the rocker cover is secured by a series of special bolts around the perimeter of the rocker cover. 

For V1903 Millenium - Late



    1 x cylinder head gasket (metal layer)

    1 x rocker cover rubber seal

    1 x inlet manifold gasket

    2 x exhaust manifold gaskets

    1 x ‘T’ thermostat housing to head gasket

    1 x ‘T’ thermostat cover gasket

    1 x exhaust flange gasket (square)

    1 x alternative square exhaust flange gasket

    1 x oil filler ‘O’ ring

    8 x valve stem seals

    4 x injector heat shields 4 x injector copper washers

    4 x rocker cover nut seals (Dowty)

    4 x injector leak off washers


    Bolt torque and fuel settings are included in the gasket contents sheet.

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