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Bottom gasket set for Kubota D600, D662 D722, D782 & Beta Marine : Beta 20 engines.

Comes complete with all tech info and torque settings.


Contains both early & late style timing cover gaskets.

Early: Timing cover gasket is fitted with oil passage O-rings (supplied). 

Late: Timing cover gasket has smaller oil passage holes and does not require O-rings.


JemRef: BS7

Bottom Gasket Set to suit Kubota D600 D662 D722 D782,Beta 20

Only 1 left in stock
  • 1 x sump gasket

    1 x rear crank oil seal carrier gasket

    1 x rear crank seal carrier to bearing gasket

    1 x water pump gasket

    1 x throttle lever assembly gasket

    1 x lift pump gasket

    1 x oil pump gasket

    1 x timing cover gasket (late type) no ‘O’ rings required

    1 x timing cover gasket (early) ‘O’ ring type

    3 x timing cover ‘O’ rings 12.5mm id (to use with early recessed covers)

    1 x oil pick up pipe ‘O’ ring 16mm id

    1 x sump plug dowty washer 12mm id

    2 x fuel adjusting screw copper seals 6mm id

    2 x fuel union copper washers 10mm id

    1 x front crankshaft oil seal

    1 x rear crankshaft oil seal

    1 x timing cover pto gasket

    1 x fuel pump bleed pipe nipple copper washer 6mm id

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