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Bottom gasket set for Kubota D650 D750 D850 D950 engines.

Comes complete with all tech info and torque settings.


Jem Ref: BS95



Bottom Gasket Set to suit Kubota D650 D750 D850 D950

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  • 1 x Sump Gasket

    1 x Rear Oil Seal Carrier Gasket

    1 x Rear Main Bearing to Oil Seal Gasket

    1 x Timing Cover Gasket

    1 x Timing Cover Gasket (Alternative)

    1 x Starter Gasket

    1 x Water Pump Gasket

    1 x Rear Fuel Cam PTO Cover Gasket

    1 x Oil Pump Gasket

    1x Throttle Plate Gasket

    1x Stop Lever Gasket

    1x Front Tacho Cover Gasket

    1x Lift Pump Gasket

    1x Dipstick Flange Gasket

    1x Front Block Water Flange Gasket

    1 x Front Crank Seal 30 x44x 7

    1x Front Crank Seal 47x 35x 7

    1x Rear Crank Seal

    1 x Rear Crank Seal (Alternative)

    1x Shaft Seal 24 x14 x 10

    5 x “O” Rings 16mm

    2 x “O” Rings 18mm

    1 x “O” Ring 20mm

    1 x “O” Ring 28mm

    1 x “O” Ring 25mm

    1 x “O” Ring 11mm

    1 x Sump Washer 18mm (Dowty)

    4 x Copper Washers 15 x 8 x 1

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