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Cylinder head top gasket set for Kubota D950 engine.


Comes complete with all tech info and torque settings. 


Jem Ref: TS95

Cylinder Head Top Gasket Set to suit Kubota D950

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  • 1 x Cylinder Head Gasket (Composite)

    1 x Rocker Cover Rubber Seal

    3 x Inlet Manifold Joints

    1 x Thermostat Cover Gasket

    1 x Thermostat Housing to Head Gasket

    1 x Exhaust Manifold Gasket

    3 x Decompressor Cover Gaskets

    1 x Oil Filler Cap “O” Ring

    1 x Cylinder Head Gasket Oil “O” Ring

    3 x Fuel Injector Leak Off Washers

    3 x Injector Copper Washers 20mm OD - 14mm ID, 1.00mm thick

    1 x Exhaust Flange Gasket ( Square 4 Bolt)

    6 x Valve Stem Seals

    3 x Rocker cover nut washers (dowty)

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