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                                        Jem Engines offer a Machining & Parts Service 


We have a fixed price for our services below please select which service you require from the

drop down menu . 



  • Reboring and Honing your Cylinder Block & supply pistons . 


  • Regrinding your Crankshaft - supplying the correct size main and conrod bearing up to 0.4 


  • Reconditioning your Cylinder Head - Cylinder head is dismantled of its valves and springs, fully chemically cleaned , pressure tested , valves refaced, valve seats recut , cylinder head main face resurfaced , valves lapped , final clean , assemble valves with new stem seals , check valve springs. 


                             Please see below the Criteria for each of our machining services 


                                            Reboring & Honing Cylinder Block 


The cylinder block should arrive with us completely dismantled and prewashed. In most cases the cylinder bores will accomodate a rebore and hone , however in some cases cylinder bores can be excessively worn or damaged beyond the nominal oversize or the cylinders have previously been rebored . If cylinder liners are required this can be done and a price given - we shall always contact the customer prior to any additional work needing done . 



                                                                   Regrinding Crankshaft 


The Crankshaft should arrive with us clean . It will be inspected for suitability for regrinding. In some cases badly knocked out journals are beyond OEM regrind limits and in some cases we can offer a replacement - you will be advised and a price given - price includes bearings up to 0.4. 


                                                                         Cylinder Head 


The Cylinder Head should arrive with us complete with valves and springs . Manifolds , glow plugs and thermostat end cover should be removed and the cylinder head degreased and washed. In some cases the cylinder heads can be cracked and unfortunately these heads are unsuitable for reconditioning . A price will be given for a replacement in these instances. 


                                    Turn Around Time is approx 5 - 7 working day .

                                                   This excludes Courier Time. 


It is the responsibility of the Customer to get thier units to us for the machining work required. 



Kubota V1205 Machining Overhaul Services


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