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STAG Wellseal Jointing Compound Tube 100ml - 
The complete answer to sealing problems on machined faces. Non-flammable, has easy partibility and is non-hardening. 
Formulated to give the best possible sealing performance under a wide variety of conditions. 
Can be used to seal threaded connections as well as flat- faced joints and can be used with or without a gasket, depending upon the design of the assembly. 
Highly resistant to the majority of commonly used fuels, lubricants and coolants and is non-corrosive and free from abrasive fillers. 
Suitable for use with: machined faces
Colour: Dark brown
Operating Temperature Range: -55 to 200°C
Size: 100ml
Pack Type: Tube
Product Number: 211561
Product Composition: Paste
Standards Met: AFS 1670
Application: Thread Sealing


Jem Ref : WS1

Stag wellseal jointing compound

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