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Thermostat gasket for most Kubota applications:


KUBOTA : Z400-Z402 Z482 Z500 Z600 Z602 Z620 Z750 Z751 .

D600 D650 D722 D750 D782 D850 D902 D905 D950 D905 D1005 D1105 D1302 D1402 D1403 D1503 D1703 D1803

V1100 V1200 V1305  V1505 V1505T V1702 V1902 V1903 V2003 V2203 V2403.

S2200 S2600 S2800.


BETA MARINE : Beta 10, Beta 14 , Beta 16, Beta 20, Beta 25, Beta 28, Beta 35


NOTE:  There are two different sizes of thermostat cover (38mm and 44mm). We have included both sizes of gasket in the package.


Jem Ref: TS38/44

Thermostat gasket to suit most Kubota & Beta Marine engines (see list)

Productcode: TS38/44
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