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Exhaust flange gasket for most Kubota engines.

Compatible engine list: KUBOTA 

D1005, D1105, D1105T, D1302, D1305, D1402, D1403, D1503, D1703, D1803, D600, D662, D722, D750, D782, D850, D902, D905, D950, V1100, V1200,, V1305, V1505, V1505T, V1702, V1902, V1903, V2003, V2203, V2403, V3300, Z400, Z482.


BETA MARINE : Beta 10 , Beta 14, Beta 20, Beta 25, Beta 28, Beta 35


NOTE there are two types:


Square 4-bolt - 70x70mm, centre hole 35mm, bolt hole pitch 50mm

(JemRef: EFG-1)


Oval 2-bolt - Bolt hole pitch 68.00mm, Bolt hole diameter 9.80mm, Gasket hole diameter 35.60mm (JemRef: EFG-2)



Please compare dimensions and pictures prior to ordering. 

Exhaust flange gasket to suit most Kubota & Beta Marine Engines


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