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Bottom gasket set suitable for Kubota D905 D1005 D1105 D1105T (Turbocharged) & Beta 28 engines.


There are 2 optiosn for this gasket set and this is determined by the Rear Crankshaft Seal see below 


BS11: Rear Crankshaft Oil Seal 90 * 77* 10* - this is the most common application 

BS11A : Rear Crankshaft Oil Seal 90* 72* 10* - this is less common . 


Set contains both early & late style timing cover gaskets:

Early: Timing cover gasket is fitted in conjunction with the supplied oil passage O-rings. 

Late: Timing cover gasket has smaller oil passage holes and does not require O-rings 


Part No: BS11/BS11A



Bottom Gasket Set to suit Kubota D905 D1005 D1105 D1105T, Beta 28

Varenr.: BS11
  • 1 x sump gasket

    1 x rear oil seal carrier to block gasket

    1 x rear bearing to seal carrier gasket

    1 x water pump gasket

    1 x throttle/stop lever plate gasket

    1 x governor shaft cover plate gasket

    1 x timing cover pto gasket (offset oval)

    1 x lift pump gasket 1 x stop solenoid gasket

    1 x timing cover early (‘O’ ring type )  gasket

    1 x timing cover late (non ‘O’ ring type  ) gasket

    1 x rear governor shaft pto gasket

    1 x front crankshaft oil seal

    1 x rear crankshaft oil seal

    1 x front crank seal collar ‘O’ ring 30mm dia

    2 x timing cover oil passage ‘O’ ring 20mm dia

    2 x timing cover oil seal passage ‘O’ ring 15mm dia

    1 x oil pick up pipe ‘O’ ring 20mm dia

    1 x sump plug Dowty washer 12mm

    1 x sump plug Dowty washer 22mm 

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