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Cylinder head top gasket set for Kubota D600, D662 engines.


Comes complete with all tech info and torque settings.


Jem Ref: TS6

Cylinder Head Top Gasket Set to suit Kubota D600 D662

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  • 1 x cylinder head gasket (metal layer)

    1 x rocker cover rubber seal

    1 x inlet manifold rubber seal

    1 x ‘T’ thermostat housing to cylinder head gasket

    1 x ‘T’ thermostat cover gasket

    3 x injectors washers

    3 x injector heat shields

    3 x injector leak off washers

    3 x rocker cover nut washers (Dowty)

    1 x exhaust manifold gasket

    1 x exhuast flange gasket (square)

    1 x rocker filler cap ‘O’ ring

    1 x cylinder head oil feed ‘O’ ring 

    6 x Valve Stem Seals 

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